How to Bake and uses for Beauty Sponges


I’m sure you are all wondering or have wondered what “baking” has to do with makeup and beauty. Guess what… it has everything to do with makeup. Ever since baking makeup came about the beauty game has changed for the better. Hate wrinkles or fine lines? Hate makeup coming off before the dayends? I have the answer to all your problems.. BAKE IT! Add for foundation… Add your concealer… now time to hold all that in. Normal body temp is 98.6 degrees. To Bake:

  1. Take your Beauty Blender or makeup sponge, and grab a setting powder (preferably translucent).
  2. Now Stick your beauty blender in the powder and coat the tip of the sponge where you are going to put it on ur face.
  3. Than put the powder under eyes and anywhere u put concealer or anywhere u really want to hide fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Don’t pat it in to much. (Yes you are going to look like a ghost but go with it). Now let it sit.
  5. I usually move onto eyebrows or eyes because if you do eyeshadow and there is fallout the next step will get rid of it without smearing it.
  6. Finally after letting the powder “bake” on your 98.6 degree face use a brush and sweep off the excess powder.
  7. Bam now continue with normal makeup routine and goodbye fine lines and hello beautiful long lasting makeup!

Now I am sure you are wondering the other uses for beauty sponges. Like i said you can “bake” after you add contour powder you can use your beauty sponge to make the contour line straight by adding more powder and letting it set than sweep off again. The other uses for sponges is applying makeup either liquid or powder.. you can apply foundation, contour, blush, powder, highlighter, and much more! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


4 comments on “How to Bake and uses for Beauty Sponges

  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    How long do you leave it on for? When I bake it seems to crease and make my undreye look terrible! xo


    • HazyClear says:

      I leave it on for about 5 minutes(while doing brows and eyes). And u really want to pack it on. A really good powder is RCMA translucent powder! And it is not exspensive either! I love this powder because it isn’t so dehydrating!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jade Mayhead says:

        Yeah, I have really dry skin so maybe that’s why they haven’t worked for me? I’ll have a look at that one. I just kind of rifled out baking forever!🙈xox


  2. HazyClear says:

    Make sure you use moisturizer than primer before foundation! But I have noticed the RCMA powder helps to it doesn’t dry so try it out girl!!!


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