The Best Friends I Thought Would Stay

bffMost of us find some friends in high school that by the end of senior year you spend all your lunches, brunches, free time with. I personally had found a pretty good group of friends and we had a lot in common but we were also all so different, but not matter what we still loved each other. On rally days and dress-up days we took our cute pictures together. Little did I know but these amazing fun moments would not last.  High School ended and we told ourselves no matter what; school breaks and vacations we would find a way to spend time together. I had found a girl that I had so much in common with and when we went out we sure raised hell. She became one of my best friends, to the point where it felt like we were sisters. We spent almost every day together and knew everything about each other. College came around and friends moved away, but we told ourselves that nothing would change…. The sad truth: everything changed. My someday bridesmaids numbers went from 8 to 1. The girl I was best friends with made new friends where she moved and although when she is in town we still talk it is not that same. I am writing the post because I was thinking about it the other day and it actually really hurts. I miss her and no matter what there will always be another girl calling her best friend and I will just be that high school friend. This post is relatable I’m sure because I see girls who were best friends in high school go off to college and they have all new friends and it is as if all the old ones never existed but to a page in a yearbook.


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