Finding a Career is Hard Work


I am 21… wohoo adulthood.. NOT! I went to high school and than decided to stay on the cheaper side and do a community college which honestly isn’t even that cheap either ha. I feel like most people know what they want to be: a nurse, doctor, dentist, construction worker, lawyer, etc. Me on the other hand, I don’t even know what to tell you because I had/ kinda have NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO BE. It is frightening for me to pick a career because you are going to be stuck with it forever. I have gone from physical therapist to psychologist to veterinarian and now to court reporter.

For a while I was going with veterinarian because animals are my life but school is so much work. No I did not just give up my dream because it was “a lot of work”, it is just science is not my cup of tea. I am now in the point in my life where I see other people graduating and I really need to saddle up and pick something. I have chosen court reporting. As you can see I love to write, which is why I hope court reporting works out for me! School and counselors are overwhelming to me and seem like they want you to just pick a major.. even if you will end up not liking it.

I took a class in college which was supposed to help you find your strong skills. You take a ton of tests which

at the end tell you what career you should do. Guess what I got? They said I should be a farmer… I mean come on, country is my life and I wish to live that lifestyle but I don’t see myself growing corn as a career anytime soon. It is different if you have grown up as a farmer. I myself can see myself more as a rancher with animals.

I hope with the decision I have made I go into the career that I will love till i retire!
How did everyone else choose their career pathway and how do you know it is the one?




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