Makeup = Inspiration (My Everyday Products)


As a woman I feel their is a standard we must live up to or a way you have to act and look. But honestly we all have our ways on how we make ourselves feel confident. To me makeup is my release. Makeup makes me feel comfortable but it also is a way to express myself. Many people are artists and do other things they love to show who they really are and what we love. For me it is all makeup!

My Everyday Favorite Products that I am IN LOVE WITH; the products I always go back to:

Kat Von D Foundation: I am obsessed with full coverage foundation and I have tried all kinds from Lancome to Marc Jacobs and I always come back to Kat Von D which goes on so smooth and it looks flawless on!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: I never really thought I needed concealer but I fell in love with this stuff! I get the lightest shade to also help highlight in my contouring process! If you use a little foundation which goes a long way and than use this concealer and it makes your makeup look airbrushed and gorgeous! Tip: I apply this with a beauty blender and can be used as a eyeshadow primer if you don’t have one and works just as well!

Too Faced Cocoa Contour: This bronzer is so amazing! Can you believe it is actually made with cocoa powder and tastes like it! ( I know weird, I don’t eat it but you know when blending and it can go in mouth haha). I use a IT Brush for contouring and blend in circles.

RCMA Translucent Powder: This powder is great for finishing and also baking! I love it for baking because it is not drying! Many Makeup artists use it and its not even expensive!!! I totally recommend this stuff!!!! I bake with my beauty blender and than finish adding with a big powder brush.

For Blush: I have many favorites but I always seem to go back to my Smashbox Blush Palette! This palette comes with a couple blushes and comes with highlighters and bronzers.

Laura Geller or Anastasia moon palette: This are my favorite highlighting brands and look so gorgeous! Tarte also has a highlighting palette which is really good!

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara: This mascara makes lashes look fuller and I am obsessed! I have literally the shortest lashes ever! When I don’t wear fake lashes… well even when I do I use this mascara and my lashes look incredible!

Too faced Peach Palette or Modern Renaissance Palette: For eyeshadow palettes I could not live without these! They are so amazing and blend and are really pigmented! The peach palette does smell like peaches and are to die for and the colors in modern renaissance are amazing! They have lid colors and transition colors and brow bone colors.

For Brows I use Benefit’s products because their brow stuff is incredible! Always follow your dreams and do what makes you happy! Also little rant.. their is no RIGHT way to do makeup! I hate season people judge other girls how they do their makeup. Makeup is an art and if you do your makeup different than others that means nothing you are being you! If you have any questions or ideas on what you want me to write about feel free to let me know! I also have a youtube account and can make a video with something you are curious with how it works or anything!




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