College 101

I have been in college for 3 years now, so I’d say I have some experience on the topic. In this post im going tell you some college facts and I’m sure some will be relatable but I have experienced all this atleast once and the college feels are real.

1. First day of school you have that motivation to look cute and dress up and do your makeup. You tell yourself I’m going to take such good notes and do the best I’ve ever done in a class…. semester goes on… I’m going try my best to pass… I’m going to wear sweatpants and maybe brush my hair if I wakeup in time. Last day of school comes… well I passed atleast. I’ll try harder next semester. But I’m going to atleast dress up for the last day.

2. There’s no parking close… I’ll just go home and email my teacher I’m sick.

3. If school isn’t the most stressful try the school parking lot! So many idiots . I mean come on if you go past the spot you can’t back up! Parking sucks!

4. The great thing/kind of sad thing about college: you go to school and leave. You don’t go to school to make friends or talk drama! So college is less stressful in that sense!

5. You finally are at the point when you are supposed to know what you want to be.. everyone has picked a major… im on my fourth pick this week.

6. It is college so no call home if you don’t show up for class 😏 But miss one class and the next time you go in especially if you have a lab with that class you feel like you have missed a year of school work.

These are a couple facts that I feel relate to many students..




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