The Accident That Changed My Life

Hey lovelies<3

I have not posted in a while which, but I am back for good. I have been going through a little sad break in my life but I am back and ready to keep being happy especially through writing!

A lot has happened but long story short I learned a life lesson. In this post you will learn a lot about me. Two years ago I was passenger in a truck. We were heading to take me home late on a rainy night. This scene stills plays in my head as clear as day. We were on an overpass and I had my eyes closed because I was so tired. All of a sudden the trucks tire hit a pothole and I opened my eyes… The tire flew off and we hydroplaned, hit one side of over pass and rolled four times, than we hung off other side of overpass upside down. In that moment due to all that happened and the smells of the truck we thought the truck was on fire. My POS boyfriend at the time crawled out back windows not even looking back to see if I was okay. My seatbelt would not come off and finally was I was able to get it off I hit the windshield.. I hurried and crawled out the back driver’s side window. When I got out I was choking on glass from the windshield. As we crashed, a semi-truck was behind us and almost hit us. Thank the lord he didn’t! But when  he finally was able to stop he got out and helped me out and saw I was choking on glass and got me a water bottle out of his truck. The whole accident seemed like a movie and did not seem real.. guess it is all the adrenaline. When I saw the ambulance going the opposite was on the freeway I finally had all my pain and emotions come back. The ambulance finally found us and took me to a trauma hospital.. boy trauma hospitals aren’t fun. They cut off your clothes in front of like 10-15 doctors and are all talking and not letting you move. I was not near home and it was too late for any family to answer.. In the hospital there was people handcuffed to their beds in the halls and police everywhere. Like I said it is unbelievable and I was alone and scared. Finally when my family came because I got a hold of my grandparents who went to my house to get my parents.. I finally got to go home.. But I did not want to get back into any car. My best friend and grandma were holding on to me and I shivered uncontrollably in fear for the whole hour which seemed like years back home. Once I got home scared and hyperventilating.. I tried to sleep. The next day I woke up, I felt paralyzed, my whole body felt broken. If I was an inch taller I would not be here. My side and the roof on my side was crushed. The guardrail even sliced the bed of truck in half! Now Yes I am so lucky! But the “PTSD” and “anxiety” that came from this accident is unbelievable and no one understands really.. but I mean i wouldn’t want anyone have to understand. I CANT DRIVE LONG DISTANCES.. which has made it hard to find the “one for me”.  But anyway enjoy every moment of your life because life happens and I sure would of never believed that this could happen to me!

Thanks for listening..





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