SF GenBeauty


I am so so so excited to tell you about my experience at SF GenBeauty! If you would like to see me really talk about it I have  a youtube channel: HAZYMAKEUP

My best friend and I stayed in a hotel for the weekend in SF California! This was my first  time going to Gen Beauty and the second time it has ever been in San Francisco (Toronto and LA also have it). We bought the Early Access which I absolutely recommend because waiting in the normal line takes almost an hour of your time wasted. Early access means you get an hour earlier than everyone else or if you come at time of event you can cut to front! Soo worth it.

This is howI wore my makeup Both Days (Day 1 left Day 2 right).IMG_7473 2.PNGIMG_7474 2.PNG

I loved being there! Day 1 We knocked out almost all the brands meaning.. When you first get there just for going you get a “SWAG BAG” full of makeup and than you get a lanyard with brands on it and at each brand you can get a freebie with each brand and they check off if you have been to their booth! like this…


My best friend and I got so much makeup I was in Love!

Day 2 we spent relaxing and visiting some booth and meeting our fave amazing beauty Gurus who may I add are even more perfect in person!!


IMG_7335 3.JPG Manny MUA ❤

IMG_7402 3.JPGPatrick Starrr

FullSizeRender 7.jpg Gabriel Zamora

FullSizeRender 6.jpgNikita Dragun

I was so at a loss for words when I met all them and I sill am! They are so nice and I would not change one thing about the weekend..

To end I will share some tips:

1.wear Comfy shoes!!!!

2. Get in line for meet in greet WAYYYYY early!

3. Be agressive (nicely)

4. Grind to hit every booth

5. Wear comfy shoes

6. Bring water and snacks!

Thanks lovers! I will share my makeup later well some.. their is so much!!! ❤




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