Tired of the Cakey Nose?

Hey Lovers ❤

We have all had those moments of….. the cakey patchy nose! I HATE IT especially blowing nose and what not just takes it all off.


I have recently discovered a SOLUTION! Go about your skincare routine than add your moisturizer but  don’t put moisturizer on your nose if you have oily skin! Than the trick is use some eyeshadow primer on your nose! This is my favorite! img_7630.jpg

I have found this holy grail and I am never going back! Than you add your foundation and anything else!

Another thing you can do is add the TINIEST bit of translucent powder on the nose before foundation.. I KNOW GOING AGAINST THE DONT USE LIQUIS AFTER POWDER.. But like i said I mean the tiniest bit and than go on with foundation and It will also help get rid of the chance of patchy nose!

Also wanted to share my new love the Hoola contour stick! Even for the really pale babies like me it is so buildable!!!!!


If you would like to start seeing my youtube videos I will add a link!

 Link Here!

Love you all!




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