Halloween Liquid Latex How To



As you all know I LOVE makeup but recently for the month of October I have been using Liquid Latex to create fake cuts and wounds for Halloween makeup!

I have some of the makeup I did and the cuts /wounds at the top!

Steps for liquid latex cuts:

1. Put a layer of Liquid Latex when you want the cut to be

2. Add tissue and rip around where you don’t have Liquid latex

3. Add another layer of liquid latex and seal edges of tissue paper with liquid latex.

4. Repeat and do about 4 layers of tissue paper and seal with liquid latex.

5. Next wait a while or use hair dryer to dry area.

6. Use foundation and cover area so it matches your skin tone.

7.(optional) use some blush and dust around area.

8. Next create a cut in desired area with scissors but be careful.

9. Once fake cut/wound is open add red pain inside “cut”, I also add a little black paint or lipstick inside the “cut”.

10. After that step add some fake blood inside and than dab some with a sponge around. Coagulated blood makes it look more wet and chunky.

11. Taadaa!!! It is actually easier than you think and looks way cool! Check it out! It’s household tissue and Halloween store or amazon or more places sell liquid latex and you can use any makeup!



Ps check out my YouTube I’ll include a link!


First Impressions<3

Hey Lovers<3

I have a new video up on my youtube of First Impressions

  Video Here 

I am very surprised at the products and this is my look I created!


Anyway Life has been treating me alright! I have been so much more into my makeup side and have embraced it! I have done some major self exploring which is what I need. I should not need to depend on another for me to be happy. I need to make myself happy before anyone else can! I am glad I have finally realized it!

I also want to hear from all you!What makeup would you like reviews on or how to’s?

Also I am sooo obsessed with Netflix any shows or movies anyones obsessed with? I love comedy and romance 😉


Tired of the Cakey Nose?

Hey Lovers ❤

We have all had those moments of….. the cakey patchy nose! I HATE IT especially blowing nose and what not just takes it all off.


I have recently discovered a SOLUTION! Go about your skincare routine than add your moisturizer but  don’t put moisturizer on your nose if you have oily skin! Than the trick is use some eyeshadow primer on your nose! This is my favorite! img_7630.jpg

I have found this holy grail and I am never going back! Than you add your foundation and anything else!

Another thing you can do is add the TINIEST bit of translucent powder on the nose before foundation.. I KNOW GOING AGAINST THE DONT USE LIQUIS AFTER POWDER.. But like i said I mean the tiniest bit and than go on with foundation and It will also help get rid of the chance of patchy nose!

Also wanted to share my new love the Hoola contour stick! Even for the really pale babies like me it is so buildable!!!!!


If you would like to start seeing my youtube videos I will add a link!

 Link Here!

Love you all!



Makeup Lovers Tutorials


Hey Lovers ❤

I just wanted to share with you I am back on youtube doing makeup tutorials! I hope you decide to watch and follow me on youtube because their is some exciting things coming soon! I am going to do giveaways and share with you some makeup secrets and much more!

Makeup has no limits and want to share some of hacks and secrets and such I have found!


Face: Pure-lisse moisturizer Maybelline fit me dewy foundation 125 Shapetape concealer in fair Colorless powder by RCMA Toofaced Cocoa contour powder medium Urban decay all nighter making setting spray

Eyes: Lorac Pro Mega3 palette Toofaced mascara

Lips: Jouer liquid lip in tawny rose Jouer lip topper in frost bite



SF GenBeauty


I am so so so excited to tell you about my experience at SF GenBeauty! If you would like to see me really talk about it I have  a youtube channel: HAZYMAKEUP

My best friend and I stayed in a hotel for the weekend in SF California! This was my first  time going to Gen Beauty and the second time it has ever been in San Francisco (Toronto and LA also have it). We bought the Early Access which I absolutely recommend because waiting in the normal line takes almost an hour of your time wasted. Early access means you get an hour earlier than everyone else or if you come at time of event you can cut to front! Soo worth it.

This is howI wore my makeup Both Days (Day 1 left Day 2 right).IMG_7473 2.PNGIMG_7474 2.PNG

I loved being there! Day 1 We knocked out almost all the brands meaning.. When you first get there just for going you get a “SWAG BAG” full of makeup and than you get a lanyard with brands on it and at each brand you can get a freebie with each brand and they check off if you have been to their booth! like this…


My best friend and I got so much makeup I was in Love!

Day 2 we spent relaxing and visiting some booth and meeting our fave amazing beauty Gurus who may I add are even more perfect in person!!


IMG_7335 3.JPG Manny MUA ❤

IMG_7402 3.JPGPatrick Starrr

FullSizeRender 7.jpg Gabriel Zamora

FullSizeRender 6.jpgNikita Dragun

I was so at a loss for words when I met all them and I sill am! They are so nice and I would not change one thing about the weekend..

To end I will share some tips:

1.wear Comfy shoes!!!!

2. Get in line for meet in greet WAYYYYY early!

3. Be agressive (nicely)

4. Grind to hit every booth

5. Wear comfy shoes

6. Bring water and snacks!

Thanks lovers! I will share my makeup later well some.. their is so much!!! ❤



July BoxyCharm and Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey Lovers<3

I am going to get straight to the point we all love makeup, well hopefully since you are reading this.. I’m sure you want to see if you are really getting your money’s worth..

To start with BoxyCharm(this months theme: Cutie Pie):


These are what I received in my July Boxy Charm!

First off I received the ELECTRIC EYES PALETTE by BLINC

This palette features 5 VERY VERY pigmented shades.. I mean gurrrlllll they are like butter! This retails for $45.00


The next thing I received was the ULTRA-MATTE LIP by COLOURPOP

Yes!!!! I am all for them nudes but I do not have this color and i’m obsessed!This retails for $6.00! yes you read that right and it is honestly like a high end lipstick! This is so smooth and don’t worry about this coming off on these summer dates ❤

IMG_7226 2.JPG

Moving right along… next we have the UNI-BROW UNIVERSAL BROW PENCIL by WINKYLUX

Not only is the packaging adorable but I mean it really is amazing! you can’t totally tell in picture but it is shaped like a triangle so you can fill in and than use tip of triangle for the tail of the brow! This retails for $12.00



If it is by Ofra you know it is good! Glow Baby Glow! It is summer and no matter if you are  going by the pool or just out during the day this body illuminizer gives you an amazing glow and is totally buildable so start small and work your way up! This retails for $39.95.

Lastly I received the MINERAL SHIELD BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 50 DAILY PREP LOTION by BARE MINERALS. I personally love bare minerals and this is great for the summer to keep your illuminating skin. I am definitely not going to spray sunscreen on my gorgeous makeup so this prep lotion gives you it all: Moisture primer and sun care! This retail for $30.00

So overall just to remind you Boxy Charm is $21/month and this month my total came to….. $132.95!!! That is amazing and I am so prepped for the whole summer!!!

Next Babes.. We Have Ipsy

Ipsy is about $9.99 a month and you recieve sample size beauty products and a cute bag every month!


These are the products I received and you can’t tell me that bag is not adorable!

I received two I’m Real face masks, Tarte Bronzer, Hanalei Lip Treatment, Ciate Eyeliner, And a mPrincess Pressed eyeshadow in color Bisuit!

I wish it was full size products but this helps too see if you like the products and also the bag pays for itself! 🙂

Thanks lovers



The Accident That Changed My Life

Hey lovelies<3

I have not posted in a while which, but I am back for good. I have been going through a little sad break in my life but I am back and ready to keep being happy especially through writing!

A lot has happened but long story short I learned a life lesson. In this post you will learn a lot about me. Two years ago I was passenger in a truck. We were heading to take me home late on a rainy night. This scene stills plays in my head as clear as day. We were on an overpass and I had my eyes closed because I was so tired. All of a sudden the trucks tire hit a pothole and I opened my eyes… The tire flew off and we hydroplaned, hit one side of over pass and rolled four times, than we hung off other side of overpass upside down. In that moment due to all that happened and the smells of the truck we thought the truck was on fire. My POS boyfriend at the time crawled out back windows not even looking back to see if I was okay. My seatbelt would not come off and finally was I was able to get it off I hit the windshield.. I hurried and crawled out the back driver’s side window. When I got out I was choking on glass from the windshield. As we crashed, a semi-truck was behind us and almost hit us. Thank the lord he didn’t! But when  he finally was able to stop he got out and helped me out and saw I was choking on glass and got me a water bottle out of his truck. The whole accident seemed like a movie and did not seem real.. guess it is all the adrenaline. When I saw the ambulance going the opposite was on the freeway I finally had all my pain and emotions come back. The ambulance finally found us and took me to a trauma hospital.. boy trauma hospitals aren’t fun. They cut off your clothes in front of like 10-15 doctors and are all talking and not letting you move. I was not near home and it was too late for any family to answer.. In the hospital there was people handcuffed to their beds in the halls and police everywhere. Like I said it is unbelievable and I was alone and scared. Finally when my family came because I got a hold of my grandparents who went to my house to get my parents.. I finally got to go home.. But I did not want to get back into any car. My best friend and grandma were holding on to me and I shivered uncontrollably in fear for the whole hour which seemed like years back home. Once I got home scared and hyperventilating.. I tried to sleep. The next day I woke up, I felt paralyzed, my whole body felt broken. If I was an inch taller I would not be here. My side and the roof on my side was crushed. The guardrail even sliced the bed of truck in half! Now Yes I am so lucky! But the “PTSD” and “anxiety” that came from this accident is unbelievable and no one understands really.. but I mean i wouldn’t want anyone have to understand. I CANT DRIVE LONG DISTANCES.. which has made it hard to find the “one for me”.  But anyway enjoy every moment of your life because life happens and I sure would of never believed that this could happen to me!

Thanks for listening..




Nail Art

Part of my love for  beauty comes with my love for nails! I love nails so much to the point where I am so anal about how they look its probably even annoying. I thought i’d share some styles that I am pretty obsessed with.




These are my most recent nails! Mermaid nails! This was created with a bunch of different powders and has some shells and such, in between powder layers that makes it look like they are in the ocean.


These are some 3D nails! The flowers and the bow are made from powder.


These are some Halloween nails the first one has 3d and has eyeballs and the second has vampire teeth.

Cheetah Print ❤

Anyway these are just a couple of my favorite nails and I am so obsessed!!



Beauty Hacks Part 2

I already posted a couple Beauty Hacks yesterday so here is some more:

Make your Lipstick Matte: If you want your lipstick to be matte put a tissue on ur lips and dust some translucent powder on ur lips and there goes the shininess!

Want fuller looking lips: Add some peppermint oil to your lipgloss and your lips will look fuller.

Baby Oil?: Many uses including removing mascara without ruining lashes, help hide stretch marks, and get rid of dry feet.

Baby Hairs Say No More: Use hairspray and a toothbrush and brush ur baby hairs back and your welcome by by fly aways.

White Eyeliner Uses: If you use on your waterline, it will make your eyes look fuller. You can also put white eyeliner on ur eyelids to make your eyeshadow pop.

Want Hair Volume: Apply dry shampoo into your hair at night and as you sleep it will work around in your hair and add more volume.

Want thicker lashes: use a q-tip and put some translucent powder on eyelashes in-between mascara layers for fuller lashes!

Thanks for listening!

Love Y’all



Beauty Hacks



Beauty is my life and sharing my love for beauty with all of you makes me happy! Here are a couple beauty hacks that i’m sure will help. if you don’t already know them here they are!

Beauty Hack #1 Falsies: I love applying falsies, but I haven’t always found theme say to apply.






The three things you need are lashes, tweezers, and adhesive. The BEST adhesive is the dark tone adhesive. Ever since I started using this years ago I could never go back to clear adhesive. Anyway… First I take first lash by tweezers in middle of lash. Than I add the dark toned duo lash adhesive. Than the step that has helped me ALOT is…  after you add the adhesive dip the eyelash onto a piece of paper or tissue to dab the extra adhesive off. Ever since I started doing this the eyelashes is ready to go right on and lasts on all day without corners coming off or anything! I know sounds weird but trust me it really works!

Next beauty hack #2 has to do with lighting you hair or highlights! I have been doing this since I was Young and it works incredible. I use this for highlights. Take a lemon and squeeze it in streaks or just all over your head and stand in sun or hangout outside. After a while go shower and taadaaa you have gorgeous non damaging highlights that honestly look better than getting them dyed.


Beauty Hack #3 is to get rid of those lipstick on teeth days:


To get rid of the lipstick teeth all you need to do is after you apply lipstick put ur finger in your mouth and pull it out and than your welcome no more lipstick teeth.

Beauty Hack #4 to get that intense Kohl liner:

Heat up your tip of the eyeliner with a flame or ur breath and let cool, than apply and you have that intense kohl liner to have dramatic look or a smokey eye.

Beauty Hack #5 Do you get cracked lips:

I have never had cracked lips due to this tip I have done for a very long time. Knock on wood but I have never had dry lips due to the fact I put vaseline on my lips every night before bed. Trust me you will have full beautiful smooth lips perfect for lipstick or rocking nothing every day!

This is just a couple hacks let me know if you’d like to hear more!